Monday, December 22, 2014

Beginning to Feel a Bit Primal

I'm feeling pretty smug lately.  I think we've got it!  Or are at least on the way to getting whatever "it" is as far as eating right and maintaining a healthy balance every day.  This is not to say that these first few weeks have been easy.  There was at least one moment when I broke down in the chips aisle at the grocery store looking for a tortilla chip my poor Prednisone-hungry husband could munch on between meals with guacamole or some other gut-friendly snacky treat.  I was, and probably am still, quite worried about what I feed him.  As a result of this I have inundated our iPad with Crohns friendly food blogs. 

My mother, the consumate researcher, found two cookbooks and a blog by Danielle Walker, Against All Grain.  We've started cooking from this Paleo and Autoimmune focused cookbook in the last couple of weeks and already it's a game changer.  There are actually snacky foods and hearty main courses.  Desserts!  There are things that actually arsweets in what she has written and we love them.  Definite game changer for the two of us.  My goal over the next, who knows how many, months is to go recipe by recipe through her books.  One even offers up 8 weeks of menus with handy dandy shopping lists to guide you through the process.  As Adam tapers off of his drugs and back into normal life we're hoping to see a difference by making the subtle tweeks to our diet. 

We've gone primal and are loving it.  More on our food adventures later.

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